Tube expanders and tube tools for the repair and maintenance of heat exchangers.

tube expanders for Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Chillers, Radiators and oil coolers

By following this link you will find all classes of tube expanders to cover all sizes of tubes up to 1.1/2". We cover full tooling for Installation , Removal and repair. This includes internal tube cutters, tube facers, electric and pneumatic rolling motors, Also a comprehensive list of cleaning products for tubular vessels.

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Combination Beading Expanders

Boiler Tube Expanders and tube tools

Within our boiler tube expanders division you will find all tooling is dedicated to larger and heavier tube sizes. We cover boiler tubes from 7/8" up to over 5.0"OD. and all the associated tooling to cover tube removal, installation and cleaning. This section also covers sugar mill tooling for juice pans and evaporators. Contact us direct for comprehensive help in choosing the correct tool for the task in hand.

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Construction equipment covering commercial-industrial and residential builds.

Construction Equipment/

Construction industrial tooling, steel construction, mining and marine. We supply saws, drills, surface preparation tools, dust collection systems and vacuums, metal suface finishing, mixing drills and mixing stations, safety tools and speciality tooling.

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spring balancers for tooling and machinery at zero gravity.

Spring Tool Balancers

Spring balancers can reduce the load to zero gravity for tooling and equipment. used in many situations for to combat repetitive strain injury to operators using heavy tools. These are a major tool used on production lines for equipment like welding machines and spot welders.

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Bolting tools

We only supply bolting tools made in North America to the utmost highest quality. Our large impact sockets cover 3/4", 1.0", 1.1/2", 2.1/2", 3.1/2 Drive and also No5 Spline Drive. Sockets go up to 9.1/4" across the flats and we can supply in metric as well as fractional. Also we supply a comprehesive list of castellated tools for turbines. In flamable and explosive situations we supply safety tooling for a non spark environment

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Tools in Action

Below we show some of our tooling in action around the world in installation and repair situations.
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Combination Beading Expander

Here you see a combination beading expander in action on a boiler we re-tubed in Bermuda this spring. As well supplying tooling we can also supply an expert on the ground to advise and direct your workforce on the correct procedures required to achieve gas tight seals on tubes.

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Electric driver MPG-02L

Rolling Heat exchanger tubes

Rolling heat exchanger tubes has never been easier. The electic drivers with torque controllers allow you to set the torque required for consistent wall thinning of tube for the perfect gas tight seal. These drivers are available in electric, pneumatic and hydraulic drive units.

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Pneumatic tube leak detector kit

Pneumatic Vacuum Leak Detector Kit

The Powermaster Vacuum Leak detector kit comes complete to cover tube sizes from 1/4" up to 3.0"OD. One of the most widely demanded tool this kit can quickly identify leaking tubes within any tubular vessel.

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Pipe Bevellers from 3/4" up to 24.0" OD

We supply pipe bevellers from 3/4" OD up to 24"OD. This includes facing machines and flange facers. These units can be either pneumatic or electric.

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